Universal Fire


We serve a wide range of clients, including those in the commercial, public, and government sectors. We are an authorized and registered vendor on the GeM platform, where we bid for government contracts. Some of our works and clients are as below

Along with these private clients we also serve to following govt. clients as well

Air Transportation Facilities
Military Bases

Warehouses and Material Distribution Centers & Office Buildings

Power Generation Facilities

Correctional Facilities

Manufacturing and Assembly Operations

Colleges, Universities and School Systems

Hospitals and Adult Care Facilities

Medical Complexes

Chemical Processing Plants

Museums and Historical Properties

Lumber and Paper Mills

Federal Reserve and Other High-Security Environments

Hotels, Dormitories & High-Density Facilities

Houses of Worship

Auto Dealerships and Service Centers

Retail Stores and Shopping Centers

Computer, Communication, Data Centers & other Technology


Printing and Publishing Facilities

Restaurants and Cafeterias

Food Production and Distribution Facilities

Federal, State, and Local Government

External industry-related seminars

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